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Social Native

Unified Partners with Social Native on New Creative Recommendation Tool

August 24, 2018

Jackie Giordano

It’s no secret: social media is changing our lives. Whether we want to, or not, we’re spending hundreds of minutes a day on social media, according to a recent survey. This tectonic shift from traditional media to social can no longer be passed off as another ‘fad.’ In times like these, modern marketers must take strategic action to ensure social media is at the core of their marketing strategies.

Unified is at the forefront of this digital revolution. Since its inception, Unified has been committed to helping brands take control of their social advertising by streamlining, understanding, and analyzing their investment data.

However, there’s still a pervasive problem in digital marketing: content. With the explosion of social media, today’s brands need to create, disseminate, and own huge amounts of content -- all the while telling an engaging story. Unified recognized this huge demand for authentic, personalized, quality content, so they set out to help their clients find a solution.

Enter Social Native. We’re making it faster and less expensive for marketers to create enough relevant content to capture consumers’ attention. Companies like Coca-Cola, Mazda, and Adidas are just a few examples of brands using our tech platform to drive significant results including 180 percent increase in sales, 4X increase in CTR, and 22 percent lower CPA.

We’re excited to announce our selection as one of Unified’s partners for their new tool, Creative Connector, designed to help brands of all sizes create high-quality content. Together, Unified and Social Native will solve the three biggest challenges marketers are currently up against when it comes to creating enough content to effectively run social media campaigns: speed, cost, and performance.

Unified clients can now use Social Native to connect directly with their consumers to create cost-efficient, custom content on demand. What’s more, both Social Native and Unified offer complementary data-driven solutions that’ll empower brands to use science to inform creative optimization and increase overall performance.

By merging the art and science of content creation, the Unified and Social Native platforms will work in synergistic harmony to help brands build deeper relationships with their consumers. After all, the possibilities are endless when content is no longer a constraint.