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Social Native

The Future of Public Service Advertising ft. VP of Media at The Ad Council

March 16, 2018

Jackie Giordano

The Ad Council is paving the way for public service advertising, and they’re partnering with Social Native to help champion their messages. Together, the Ad Council and Social Native are tapping into the power of social media and micro-creators to inspire, inform, and educate.

The Ad Council is a 501c3 non-profit and the leading producer of public service advertising in the US. The Ad Council’s model is a unique collaboration between the advertising, media, business and nonprofit communities.

The Goal:

The Ad Council’s initiatives raise awareness and inspire action on a diversity of issues, from texting and driving to hunger prevention. Across all initiatives, it’s important that their messages reach the widest audience and have the greatest impact. The Ad Council set out to find a partner who could help them:

  • Create eye-stopping, unique content
  • Find unique ways to ensure the creative is reaching the right target audiences where they are most likely to engage
  • Build a library of high quality, organic content for use across all marketing channels

The Ad Council partnered with Social Native to bring their initiatives to life in a real and authentic way. The Social Native formula is a powerful tool in igniting action among social-savvy audiences. It’s a tech platform that allows brands to connect with top social media content creators to generate beautiful optimized video or images posted natively on creators’ channels to amplify the brand’s message.

“I was fascinated by Social Native’s model and loved the concept of working with talented creators that were passionate about our causes,” said Laurie Keith, VP of Media at the Ad Council. “With more and more content being consumed on various social platforms – it’s a priority for the Ad Council to work with these creators that have large reach and resonate with their audiences.”

The Solution:

By getting Social Native creators involved in public service advertising, the Ad Council has cracked the code for developing high volumes of engaging and inspiring content that performs well on social media.  

For example, the first initiative the Ad Council partnered with Social Native on was for Save The Food, a food waste reduction initiative that focuses on bringing attention to the 40% of food in the U.S. that goes to waste. Social Native was able to enlist over 60 creators that had previously expressed interest in food, agriculture, and waste reduction to create an image featuring their favorite fresh produce. With that image, they raised awareness for what it takes to produce food (energy, resources, etc.), and why it’s important to reduce food waste. At the end of the initiative, the Ad Council had over 60 pieces of original content that added an element of human creativity and community engagement to their cause.


The Results:

Together, Social Native and the Ad Council have activated thousands of people to take action and speak up for a wide array of social good initiatives. To date, they’ve reached tens of millions of people and driven over a million social engagements to help advance social causes.  

The dual benefits of native advertising and high-quality, user-generated content (UGC) creation are adding a new level to the Ad Council’s public service advertising. Each creator responds to the initiatives in their own thoughtful way, which resonates with their followers. What’s more, because the creators have expressed interest in the Ad Council’s causes, they take the creative process seriously --  and it shows through in the quality of the assets.

This content then gets pushed through multiple social channels, allowing the Ad Council to reach their audiences via organic posts. Not only does this help the Ad Council establish authentic and engaging connections with their audiences, but it also provides a steady stream of content that can be repurposed for future endeavors.

“Working with Social Native is a win-win-win,” explained Keith. “We win because we get unique, personalized content for our causes. The creator wins because they can partner with a cause that matters to them. The community wins because they learn about our critical issues in a relevant, authentic way, which ultimately allows us to inspire change and improve lives.”