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Social Native

The Digital Fork: A Culinary Experience

February 27, 2019

Jackie Giordano

Ever wondered what happens when a handful of high-level brand marketers come together under one roof? Here’s a hint: it beats the stuffy networking events many of us are used to. At least that’s the goal of The Digital Fork, a traveling dinner series developed by Social Native’s Chief Growth Officer, Jeff Ragovin. The Digital Fork is a unique, invitation-only experience that brings together the best and brightest brand marketers to discuss the future of the ever-changing digital landscape. The Digital Fork promises rewarding conversation, top-ranked cuisine, and, most importantly, the chance to build invaluable industry connections. In just two years of its existence, The Digital Fork has evolved to the point where it has waiting lists in each city.

01 Opener

Needless to say, this event is transforming the idea of networking. Here’s how.

It’s perfectly organized to maximize value.

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To set the scene, each dinner brings together a carefully curated guest list of 10 to 12 senior marketing leaders in a private dining room. The intimate setting fosters a one-of-a-kind opportunity for discussion, learning, and growing. Jeff moderates the entire discussion, meticulously selecting thought-provoking topics, covering both industry-related and personal questions. In this way, the Digital Fork effectively avoids the idle chit-chat that often occurs during dinner parties. Instead, every minute is maximized to facilitate valuable conversation. In today’s digital marketing climate, creating open dialogues around perspectives, strategies, and struggles is increasingly important. By the end of the dinner, guests leave feeling as if they’ve known each other for years.

It's focused on genuine conversations.

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Arguably the most important distinction from other marketing events is that there is absolutely zero selling -- the number one focus of the dinner is to build lasting and meaningful connections. The only catch? There is none. It doesn’t take long for even the most skeptical guests to realize that this dinner isn’t about selling to people, it’s about connecting with people.

04 Connecting People


Jeff kicks off every dinner with a question meant to spark stimulating conversations over mutual interests across a variety of topics; whether it’s someone’s perspective on social media marketing or their favorite superpower. The sincerity of the evening results in lasting connections, friendships, and collaborations. As any attendee knows, The Digital Fork experience doesn’t end after the last course is served. The Digital Fork has transformed and evolved into a community of industry experts, who are all bound by one unforgettable night.

… it’s delicious.

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The Digital Fork guests have the privilege of enjoying the best of the best when it comes to food and drink. Not only are the dinners hosted at five-star restaurants across the country, but Jeff also brings his own knowledge and passion for cooking and fine cuisine to each dining experience. A typical dinner has no less than four courses, allowing the guests to really connect over the power of flavor. Guests may leave craving more -- more engaging conversation, more lasting connections -- but they definitely don’t leave hungry.

In sum, The Digital Fork is breathing new life into the notion of what effective networking dinners could and should look like. If there’s one thing professionals can learn from The Digital Fork experience it's that true innovation is the result of not being afraid to rewrite the rulebook.

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