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Social Native

Pinterest adds new specialty for creative development to Pinterest Marketing Partners program

June 14, 2018

Jackie Giordano

The modern consumer isn’t looking for products, they’re looking for content. They don’t need to be sold, they need to be inspired. How does this product make them feel? Does it evoke an emotion?

The internet has forced marketers to change their content strategy - white backdrop product images that were used in catalogs, don’t translate to digital media. Online, there is no salesperson, there’s nobody telling the consumer why they need to purchase the product. Brands need to develop creative and inspirational digital experiences. With the right content, consumers can envision how they’ll use the product, what they’ll do with the product, and why they need the product so badly.

Effective marketers are using great content to create an experiential online marketing environment where the content tells a story.

Pinterest has always been at the forefront of this industry evolution. From day one, Pinterest has spearheaded the vision of inspiring people through visual content. How many hours have you spent creating travel boards, mood boards, wedding boards? How many products have you purchased because you saw them on Pinterest?

Pinterest has steadily grown in popularity among consumers and advertisers year over year. For advertisers, the wildly popular visual discovery engine drives purchases through inspiring consumers to take action. Don’t tell consumers to buy your products. Show them why they can’t live without your products.

The catch? Brands need to have great visual assets to be successful on Pinterest. They can’t get by with great copy. Now more than ever it's essential to have great images and videos. Brands need to truly inspire and excite their consumers.

That’s where Social Native comes in. We create beautiful and highly engaging branded images and videos optimized for Pinterest ads. We’ve worked closely with Pinterest to develop a solution for brands to quickly and easily create high volumes of high-quality creative optimized for their Promoted Pins.

Today, we’re excited to announce our selection as one of the Pinterest creative specialty partners for their new Pinterest Marketing Partners program to help brands of all sizes create high-quality content.

The Pinterest and Social Native collaboration opens up endless possibilities for brands to get the most from their Pinterest strategy. We’re excited for what the future has in store!