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Social Native

Globalization: International Marketing in the Twenty-First Century

May 3, 2018

Jackie Giordano

International Marketing

The digital age has made us more interdependent and interconnected than ever before, and it is opening the door to achieve the previously impossible in international marketing. Rapid technological advancements are breaking barriers and smashing limitations once associated with traditional advertising. With the explosion of social media, it is easier than ever for brands to reach global audiences with localized messages.

In order for international marketing to truly resonate today, it cannot be one-size-fits-all -- brands need to flood multiple platforms with dozens of content permutations. What’s more, each execution must be relevant, engaging, and tailored to each consumer segment. The power of personalized branded content is that it makes consumers believe the ad is specifically targeted to them, from a geographic, demographic, and psychographic perspective.

This begs the question: how can global brands create high-quality content on demand, and at scale localized to each region? Not only that, but is there a way for brands to create all that personalized content without increasing their budgets? This is where new technology platforms, like Social Native, come in.

Social Native’s technology-enabled solution is changing the game by empowering brands to activate thousands of creators across the globe with the click of a button. Below are just a few examples of how different brands are partnering with Social Native to reimagine their global marketing strategies.

Chevrolet: Created global awareness with a local message

international marketing

Chevrolet wanted a scalable solution to create unique, authentic, and relevant branded content across various markets globally. Instead of finding and retaining agencies in each country, the brand wanted to go directly to consumers in the region to create engaging content that would resonate with their peer groups.

Chevrolet partnered with Social Native, which enabled them to activate creators all over the world from one central location. In order to boost their international marketing strategy, Chevy has since been able to generate localized, branded content in 8 languages and 11 countries, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia. Argentina, South Korea, the U.A.E., India, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa. In total, the brand has created nearly 400 images and videos to engage local audiences and generate authentic branded content at scale.

Coca-Cola: Created authentic content at scale

international marketing

Coca-Cola needed a fast and cost-effective way to create branded content that was authentic, engaging, regionalized, and would resonate within the local markets. Coca-Cola worked with Social Native to activate creators in Mexico to create images and videos for Powerade, Ciel, and Sidral Mundet to use across their organic social accounts.

The result: 246 branded images and videos were created, reaching 3.5 million plus consumers and driving nearly 200,000 engagements. Social Native content reused across the Ciel Instagram account received 2.9 times higher engagement than traditional branded content. This global marketing strategy helped reach a much larger variety of customers. 

With today’s advancements in technology, both in access to content and data on individual consumers, we can reimagine how content is created and how media is distributed. As the market for content evolves, and consumer expectations of brands change, brands also need to shake up their international marketing schemes. With Social Native, brands are able to activate boots on the ground in South Korea, Argentina, Canada -- wherever. Imagine a world where international brands can create truly localized content from a central, streamlined tool. This level of personalization is the future and quickly becoming the present, of advertising.

71% of Polaroid's global branded content is generated by Social Native

international marketing

Polaroid believes today’s purchases are inspired. Consumers require help envisioning how they’ll use products or why they need them. For Polaroid, nothing creates FOMO quite like the amazing, branded content captured at landmarks and natural wonders around the world.

The brand activated consumers in the US, Canada, South America, Europe, and Asia to create unique, engaging and personalized content within each region. The content is re-used everywhere from packaging to their Taiwan Instagram channel. Since adopting a global marketing strategy that focused on localization, the brand has a seen a 180% increase in sales and 200% higher return on ad spend.