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Social Native

Hyper-Local Marketing to Increase In-Store Sales by 172%: Hannah Robbins, Maple Hill CMO

June 26, 2018

Jackie Giordano

As consumers flex and flow in today’s ever-evolving digital world, there is no more escaping the demand for relevant, authentic, engaging content. Technology has advanced to the point where brands can deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. Now, the question rightfully becomes: how do brands adjust their creative -- based on geographic, psychographic, and demographic consumer segmentation -- to make consumers believe the ad is specifically targeted to them?

The answer might be more simple than one might think.

As brands look for alternative ways to stay competitive, they’re turning to their consumers, their most valuable asset, as a source of creativity and content. With the right content, consumers can envision how they’ll use the product, what they’ll do with the product, and why they need the product so badly.

Maple Hill, a high growth dairy manufacturer, is tapping into the power of consumer content creators to push the boundaries of geotargeting. With each in-store activation, the brand leverages local creators to generate custom creative that resonates with the unique interests and nuances of various target markets.

Maple Hill’s hyper-local marketing strategy paired with targeted content across all channels is the driving force behind significant gains:

  • 125 creators activated to purchase in-store products
  • 172% increase in in-store sales
  • 130% higher Facebook CTR than the industry average

“The fact is, every single consumer is unique. Whether it’s their interests, age, ethnicity, location; they all have individual desires and drivers. Find out what makes them tick, and focus on creating a message that is incredibly targeted and relevant to them.” ~ Hannah Robbins, CMO of Maple Hill

Watch this 30-minute session from the Social Native Summit where Hannah Robbins, CMO of Maple Hill, explores:

  • How to build a brand with grace and grit
  • How to effectively re-purpose consumer generated content across all marketing channels
  • Scaling the creation of personalized content without increasing costs
  • How to increase sales by 172% through hyper-local marketing

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