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How to Create a Winning Advertising Strategy on Pinterest

November 30, 2018

Christie Chapman

It goes without saying that the development of digital has created a new world of possibilities for advertisers. Defying notions of time and space, auction-based online ads can now be created and distributed all over the world in just a few clicks. And with precision targeting and extensive performance analytics at hand, advertising has never been more insightful.

People-based marketing platforms like Pinterest are becoming particularly effective places to tap into core markets, not just for brand awareness purposes, but for conversions too. In fact, 90% of weekly Pinners use Pinterest to make purchase decisions and 66% of Pinners make a purchase after seeing a brand's pins. 

Worried about your ads cluttering consumer feeds? Well 78% of Pinners say that content from brands actually make Pinterest more useful and 72% say that Pinterest inspires them to shop even when they are not actively looking. 

Ads do not need to be intrusive. If executed strategically, Pinterest ads can reach the consumers you want to reach in ways that they want to be reached. 

Relevancy leads, aesthetics rule, and everybody wins.


These new advertising tools do not guarantee advertising success. Success requires a thoughtful and strategic approach, built specially with the platform’s best practices in mind. Below are the key considerations to keep in mind when building your Pinterest advertising strategy

Pre-Launch Considerations 

Target: Targeting the right audience for your campaign is key for ad relevance and performance. Pinterest allows you to define an audience by demographic, gender, age, keywords and interests Pinterest even offers an option to expand targeting based on their own AI. You can use Pinterest’s insights page to find your audience, or if you've advertised with Pinterest before, you can analyze past performance to get audience recommendations.

Define: Now you've found your audience, choosing the appropriate objective is key. Whether you want to fuel brand awareness or drive conversions, selecting a clear campaign goal will allow Pinterest to help you achieve your campaign goal.

Support: Eye-catching creative that matches the overall look & feel of Pinterest and speaks to your consumer is critical. Many brands are using Social Native to have creators already active on Pinterest create custom content for brands to leverage in ads.

Tag: Make sure to install the Pinterest tag so you can learn more about what your clients are doing on Pinterest and remarket to them in the future.

Once you’ve laid the groundwork, Pinterest makes launching a campaign easy with their 7-step guide that walks you through each step from creating an audience to choosing bid limit. 

Post-Launch Considerations 

Analyze: It is important to track the performance of your campaigns while they are still running. Pinterest provides an extremely comprehensive reporting system that automatically provides the relevant performance metrics to your campaign. For example, if you selected a bottom funnel brand awareness objective, Pinterest will highlight your CPM (cost per thousand impressions) or CPV (cost per view) so you can see how well your campaign is reaching its specific goal. 

Optimize: Just because a campaign has already launched does not mean that you can’t give it the tweaks and adjustments it may need to improve ad performance. From breaking down ad sets to adjusting bids, you can make changes throughout to optimize your campaign.

Success and scale come hand in hand, and now it's time to take your campaign to new heights.

Post-Completion Considerations 

Understand: Once you master the art of enhancing existing ad performance, you’ll start to recognize what variables and elements work best in driving your brand’s goals. The next step is to implement these learnings and grow the success of future campaigns.  

Scale & Grow: Expanding your targeting, increasing your budget, and diversifying your ad types are all ways to accelerate campaign growth. Once you find what works - scale, test and repeat and you'll soon reap the enormous benefits of advertising on Pinterest.

Pinterest has made advertising on their site not only straightforward but, most importantly, extremely effective. With the premise of its existence being built upon inspirational discoverability, Pinterest stands as one of the most authentic spaces to promote your products to active customers.

Ready to get started? First things first: let’s talk about creating great creative to fuel your campaigns