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Social Native

How Polaroid Increased Sales by 180%

July 12, 2018

Jackie Giordano

Content marketing represents one of the most powerful tools available for brands to outperform competitors and maximize sales. Yet, when it comes to content creation, brands are faced with few options – primarily coming down to expensive creative through agencies or inauthentic stock.

Content consumption is growing at an incredible pace. This spike in content consumption has resulted in an extremely distracted audience. With less than 2 seconds to catch consumers’ attention, a one-size-fits-all content strategy won’t work in today’s digital economy. Brands need authentic, personalized, and relevant branded content.

So, the question becomes, how do brands create valuable and relevant content for their many audiences? The solution can be found at the very heart of what makes these social networks tick: consumers, or more importantly, your consumers.

For Polaroid, this connected back to the need to re-launch and establish the brand to a new consumer in the digital-first world (and on a tight budget). The Polaroid team knew their consumer creators needed to act as their creative and their media agency.

By integrating a robust consumer generated content strategy, Polaroid was able to create, disseminate, and own huge amounts of content, all the while telling an engaging story. The results speak for themselves:

  • Created over 2.5k images and videos used across owned social, paid social, website, packaging, email, etc.
  • Achieved a 180% increase in online sales, 200% higher return on ad spend, and 120% higher engagement rate on social.

“Don’t just activate consumers, partner with them.” ~ Aaron Paine, Digital & Social Strategy Director at BPCM

Join this session with Aaron Paine, Digital & Social Strategy Director at BPCM, to explore:

  • The shift from agency content to consumer generated content
  • Using consumers as a focus group to determine the value of content
  • Implementing a winning content strategy (3 pillars for a successful consumer generated content campaign) and increasing sales by 180%