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Social Native Content of the Month: April 2019

May 3, 2019

Jackie Giordano

Content creation is both an art and a science. With the rise of user generated content (UGC) in digital marketing, filtering out the best content is becoming increasingly important to maximize results and drive performance. Brands are leveraging UGC to create more meaningful relationships with their consumers, but not all content is created equal.

The Social Native Content Awards recognize the best consumer-generated content created across the platform each month. Creators from all over the world, with all different backgrounds and interests, partnered with the brands they love to create authentic and personalized content to fuel their marketing needs.

Most Innovative: Natalia for Ben & Jerry's

Our creators take showing off their favorite brand and products to an entirely new level. Check out this amazing image that Natalia, an 18-year-old college student from Harrisonburg, Virginia, produced for Fila. As an avid photographer and graphic designer, Natalia enjoys using a tantalizing yet subtle mix of colors, spacing, and lighting to create ridiculously unique and innovative images.


Most Vibrant: Taniea for Crocs

What’s one of the biggest benefits of user-generated content? Social proof. Creators are consumers too, and user-generated content is likely to facilitate a bond of trust between brands and their consumers. Here is one of our favorite examples of how one of our Creators, Taniea, naturally incorporated the Crocs brand and products in her image. Taniea is a 32-year-old fashion and travel enthusiast from Playa Vista, California. Springtime for Taniea means bolder and brighter shades, and with a distinct color-driven aesthetic, brand revitalization is her forte.

Crocs Social-Native-106708-20190315

Best Moment Captured: JP for Adobe

A picture speaks a thousand words -- or at least, it should. Our creators construct images that are layered with meaning and really push to evoke an emotional response, leaving consumers wanting more. Case in point, take a look at this immersive shot captured by JP, a 37-year-old photographer who is currently residing in Tokyo, Japan. With a passion for urban landscapes, JP effortlessly captures picturesque moments amid the hustle and bustle of the cities she explores.

Adobe Social-Native-108040-20190325

Most Eye-Catching: Faridath for NYX

Social Native’s Creators are experts at seamlessly imbuing their work with a thumb-stopping combination of creativity, relevance, and authenticity. This is one of our favorite shots captured by Faridath is a 28-year-old makeup artist and beauty blogger from Montreal, Canada. When she is not perfecting her cut-crease, Faridath is experimenting with new, colorful ways to showcase the latest beauty trends and must-have products.

NYX e9dc6130-377b-11e9-8bbe-dfc9ff0638eb

Most Creative: Drew for CLIF

Our diverse pool of Creators is capable of delivering much more than stunning images. They also produce high-quality, mobile-friendly, social-optimized videos at scale and on demand. Just take a look at how Drew brought CLIF’s new product to life through lightweight motion. Drew is a 30-year-old director, editor, and cinematographer from Los Angeles, California. With a special talent for videos, Drew leverages the eye-grabbing power of motion to create branded content that cuts through the clutter.


With the demand for personalized experiences, UGC allows brands to capture the attention of multiple target audiences with minimal effort. Our Creators are empowering brands to become more human, form alliances with consumers, and most importantly, tell their story in an authentic and engaging way. Together, they form an unbeatable content engine that’s constantly producing epic work. Stay tuned for next month's winners!